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The Flag of Kherutistan, created by Kim Nielsen:

An explanation of the flag:
The ring in the center symbolizes of the eternal nature of freedom and God from which it comes.  The green represents the life which accompanies freedom.  From the ring freedom extends north, south, east, and west encompassing all mankind.  The five blue stars represent the hand of God in the lives of all people. 


An outline of the history of the nation of Kherutistan, from its marvelous founding to present day. 

July 2013
  • July 25th The nation is founded and independence is declared
  • July 25th Ocamblik Ghyramsil is declared the first emperor
  • July 26th The great universal law "be excellent to each other" is declared the only law for private citizen
  • July 27th Three initial territorial claims of 55 Cancri e, A patch of pacific ocean floor, and Bir Tawil are made
  • July 30th The national policy concerning currency is set forth
  • July 31st The national defense strategy is set forth


It is the duty of a nation to protect the life liberty and property of its citizens.  Unfortunately, the nations of our world pose far more of a threat to their own citizens than any foreign power.  While every nation should have a solid stratify for national defense, nations do not need large military industrial complexes that pose a serious threat to the life liberty and property of all humanity.  The Constitutional Heroarchy of Kherutistan has a three fold approach to national defense:

1. A well armed populace. 
No one tries to invade the Mountain West region of the United States.  One of the main reasons is that most of the area is populated by well armed rural people.  Historically, a well armed populace is a greater deterrent to foreign invasion than any other factor.  No sane people have any desire to send wave after wave of their own sons and daughters to occupy a land infested with well armed people with their backs against the wall.

The government of Kherutistan urges (but does not force) its people to arm and prepare themselves against any possible threat that may arise. 

2. Use natural barriers to our advantage
One of the main reasons no one has tried to invade Switzerland is because of its difficult terrain; the same be said of Bhutan and host of other places. Kherutistan enjoys tremendous defensive terrain advantages.  55 Cancri e has a 40 light year barrier and deadly amounts of solar and cosmic radiation which no current known military force can overcome. Our underwater territory is an environment which would only be susceptible to invasion from a handful of nations which posses a strong blue water navy. Bir Tawil is surrounded by some of most harsh desert on the planet, not exactly the kind of place a foreign army would want to occupy.

3. Avoid entangling alliances 
One of the reasons nations find themselves in wars, is because they do things that anger other nations. Kherutistan is a neutral nation. We do not become involved in the wars of other nations.  We don't involve ourselves in military adventurism, which has nothing to do with defending the life, liberty, and property of our people.

By following this threefold approach, Kherutistan can protect the life, liberty, and property of its people without destroying the life liberty and property of the people. We do not destroy life by sending them to die in foreign wars.  We do not destroy the liberty of the the people by restricting their rights in the name of security.  We do not destroy the property of the the people with a military industrial complex that taxes the working person into poverty. 


Over the course of human history what is and is not considered currency in the eyes of governments, has varied from time to time.   In the past century, governments have monopolized and then outsourced to central banks, the right to issue currency.  This monopolistic approach coupled with perpetually devalued and inflated fiat currency, has destroyed the saving and earning potential of people in every nation.

The nation of Kherutistan, rejects governmental monopolization and outsourcing of baseless currency.  True currency, is not something invented and controlled by central banks and nation states.   Real currency, is determined by the individuals who use it to buy and sell goods and services, and must have some tangible basis.

The whole purpose of Kherutistan, is to create a government that allows the people to choose for themselves.  For this reason, there will be no state mandated or sanctioned currency, rather it will allow the market to determine what is and is not currency.  Currency can be anything from a gold coin, to a Masters of the Universe action figure, to a Reese's peanut butter cup, if people agree that it has recognizable value. 

This nation,  may in time produce items of value that some may choose to use as currency, but we will never dictate what is and isn't currency.   By allowing freedom and competition in this area, the people will have the ability to discover for themselves efficient and innovative solutions, which far exceed the stagnant dictates of bureaucracy. 


Despite what many may initially think, neither Trestin or Parnell are the leader or leaders of this nation, they are simply servants within the provisional government.   Leaders are not determined by council appointment, nor by democratic means, as these have proven far to often to be gateways to governmental corruption.   Nor is the leadership of the nation determined through heredity, as that too is often the gateway to corruption.

The great dilemma of any government consisting of imperfect people, is that power corrupts.  Therefore to contain the corrupting influence of power, it is essential that those in positions of power do not know of the power they have been given.  Therefore, this nation will appoint unknowing leaders who receive their authority by unusual means, such as the Lady in the Lake, the power of Grayskull, or an owl that unexpectedly flies into someone's house. >


A true nation state cannot exist without some form of territorial claims.  A nation without borders is not a nation.  Kherutistan has largest geographical claims of any nation in human history. The following is a list of our territorial claims:

We claim the southern hemisphere of the planet known as 55 Cancri e Because we are not a nation full of selfish greedy people, we leave half the planet unclaimed.  It is after all our one universal law, to be excellent to each other. This claim alone makes us not only the largest geographical nation, but the richest.

We claim a ten mile patch of ocean floor located 500 miles east of Hawaii. We will use this land to construct the worlds largest underwater basket weaving resort.

We claim the territory known as Bir Tawil as our own.

We reserve the right in time to relinquish existing or make further claims, in regard to our territorial boundaries. 


One of the main purposes of any government is to enact and enforce law which will protect the life liberty and property of its citizens.   Unfortunately, the governments of the earth have abused the power to make law and greatly hindered the liberty of their citizens.  The Constitutional Heroarchy of Kherutistan has many laws that limit the power of the government, but only one simple law that each individual citizen is required to follow:  Be excellent to each other.

You may ask, what does that mean?  The people Kherutistan live under a government that allows the exercise of common sense.  We all know what is and what is not being excellent to each other.   Never the less, any action that violates the life, liberty, or property of another is a punishable offense. 

Will we throw you in prison of seize your property?  No, there are plenty of governments which do that already.  The punish will vary depending on the severity of the act, from suspension to citizenship, to banishment. 


Emperor Ocamblik Ghyramsil (Larry)
Larry is a tribesman who lives in a remote area of New Guinea, who has never seen a computer or used the internet. In his spare time, Larry enjoys fire and spending quality time with his son Bobby. 

*Note this list will be update from time to time.


The official name of our nation is The Constitutional Heroarchy of Kherutistan.  Constitutional, because the government is restrained by a constitution structured to protect of the natural rights of all people.  Heroarchy, because the nation is is governed by people of true character, not by those with the most political or monetary influence.  

The name Kherutistan is a combination of two separate words from the Persian and Hebrew languages.  istan is a Persian word meaning 'place of'.  Kherut is a Hebrew word meaning 'freedom from oppression or bondage'. Thus Kherutistan is a place of freedom from oppression and bondage. 


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all mankind are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government. 

We the sovereign people, declare that all earthly political governments of this time
stand in opposition to the natural rights of the individual and family.  The list of violations vary from government to government, but include:

  • Violation of the natural right to freedom or religion
  • Violation of the natural right to freedom of expression
  • Violation of the natural right to self defense
  • Violation of natural parental rights
  • Violation of the natural right to the pursuit of happiness, with numerous laws that are not instituted to protect life, liberty, or property, but rather, to create unneeded controls on individuals, families, and a variety of  nongovernmental organizations
  • Violation of the natural right of life, with atrocities that violate the spirit and letter of all just law
  • Violation of the natural right of privacy
  • Violation of the natural right of liberty, with national deficits that turn the people of the nations of the into debt slaves
  • Violation to natural right of property, in a variety of ways; chief among them, the redistribution of income through oppressive taxation

We the sovereign peoples, have petitioned our governments for redress of these grievances through a variety of means, only to find our redress met with with indifference and contempt. 

Therefore, we the sovereign people, declare a new nation.  A nation that neither violates or seeks to redefine the natural rights of the people given by their Creator.  We declare a sovereign nation, The Constitutional Heroarchy of Kherutistan.